Micro bonds

Micro bonds

Micro bonds are the most popular method at Siren and Sass. The process involves taking a few strands of the extension hair and applying a tiny bead of liquid resin to the tip of the extension and fusing it to a small section of the client’s own hair. The resin is gently rolled to form a hard, cylindrical micro bond or ‘seal’. Bonded with a non toxic resin, our bonds are attached 1cm from the scalp, so that they lie completely flat to the head, allowing your natural hair to continue growing without any disruption. The resin is extremely safe and non-damaging to the natural hair. Because the extensions are created using lots of fine individual strands, a free-flowing hairstyle that falls and behaves like real hair is achieved, giving it an authentic, natural look. Our technique also allows the scalp to be able to ‘breath’ and easily be washed and dried.

Natural hair extensions

Our micro bonds are approximately the size of a grain of rice, which makes them both comfortable and discrete. Many clients worry that they will be very conscious of their hair extensions, when in fact most people actually find that they can barely feel them in their hair.

At Siren & Sass every micro bond is custom made during the application, allowing for a precise choice in the size of the bond, as well as the weight and thickness of each extension. This will vary according to the client’s natural hair and area of the scalp where the extension is being positioned. This also allows blending more than one colour into each extension where needed, creating an overall more natural look. This is particularly effective for clients who have highlights, as we are able to finely blend the highlights into each individual extension, rather than as thick, solid strands.

Our  extensions suit all requirements, whether you’re looking to achieve longer, thicker or fuller hair or even just add some colour, our hair extensions are extremely versatile and can be adapted for every need.

Once the application is complete, the hair extensions are cut, styled and carefully blended with your own hair, so that they look perfectly natural and completely undetectable. We will then style your hair to your desired look.

Custom colour blends

One of the biggest giveaways of hair extensions is if they are one or two shades lighter or darker than the natural hair. At Siren & Sass one of the things that we pride ourselves on is our ability to blend and match your hair colour precisely. You may also choose to have additional colours to create highlights or lowlights.


Our hair extensions are positioned carefully and strategically around the head, ensuring that they remain completely undetectable and blend with the natural hair. An inch gap is left around the hairline, so that you can wear your hair up and the bonds will not be visible. The bonds are placed approximately 1cm from the scalp and sit completely flat to the head, enabling your own hair to continue growing freely and naturally without any disruption. Our hair extensions can be applied to most hair types, even to fine hair and still remain undetectable. Whatever your hair type, our hair extensions will always look completely natural.

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Due to the versatility of our application technique, we are able to apply hair extensions to short hair. So long as your hair is at least 3 inches at the crown, we are able to fit hair extensions and blend them perfectly with your own hair, without leaving a tell tale ‘lid’ around the top. The shorter and thicker your natural hair, the longer the procedure will take, as essentially we are creating a new hairstyle from scratch. However, the end result can be quite remarkable and incredibly natural looking.

Non-Damaging Hair Extensions

Our attachment technique is extremely safe and non-damaging to the natural hair. We apply our hair extensions based on a weight for weight ratio, whereby each one is attached to an equal section of the natural hair. Each hair extension strand is very fine and this avoids overloading the natural hair with too much weight.

LEFT IMAGE: Shows natural hair before applying hair extensions.

RIGHT IMAGE: Shows natural hair after wearing hair extensions for 1 year. Hair has grown naturally, and is soft, healthy and glossy.

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