How are your 'Micro bond' hair extensions applied?
Our hair extensions are applied using a technique known as Micro Bonds. A few strands of the extension hair are attached approximately 1cm away from the scalp by applying a tiny bead of liquid resin to the tip of the extension and fusing it to the natural hair to form a secure bond. The hair extension is attached to an equal section of the natural hair, which avoids causing tension on the hair. Our technique creates a free-flowing hairstyle that will fall and behave like real hair, giving the hairstyle an authentic natural look.
How long does my own hair need to be to have hair extensions applied?
We specialise in applying hair extensions on very short hair. Our hair extensions can even be applied to cropped hair and still look incredibly natural. Your hair needs to be at least 3 inches long on top to cover the top row of hair extensions, and at least 1 inch at the nape of the neck.
How long does it take to apply your hair extensions?
On average for Micro bonds and Rings, it takes anywhere from 3-5 hours for a Full Head of Hair Extensions, 2-4 hours for a 3/4 Head, 1-3 hours for a Half Head, and 1-1.5 hours for a Partial Head. An Extra Full Head (Micro bonds) can take 5 hours or more.

A full head of Tape or Weave only takes around 1-2 hours including cutting and styling
Are your hair extensions suitable for Afro-Carribean hair?
Yes, our hair extensions are normally suitable for Afro-Caribbean hair so long as it has been relaxed in order for it to blend with the hair extensions.
Do you cut the hair extensions after they have been applied?
Yes – once the hair extensions have been applied, they are cut, styled and carefully blended with your natural hair so that they appear perfectly natural and completely undetectable.
Why do people choose to have hair extensions?
The most popular reason to have hair extensions fitted is to lengthen the natural hair. Another reason is to add thickness to naturally fine hair. Hair extensions are also great way to create volume and filling out fine, flat and limp hair – and simply to give ‘life’ to the hair. Some clients even have hair extensions applied to create non-permanent highlights or bold streaks of colour without having to use harmful chemical dyes. Our hair extensions are also an excellent way to disguise hair damage, hair breakage and minor hair loss conditions, such as alopecia areata, traction alopecia and thinning hair, and can also be applied to extend or thicken small areas.
Are hair extensions suitable for everyone?
Our hair extensions are suitable for most people. However, if you have severely damaged hair, then hair extensions may not be the most suitable option for you. Regular trims and a course of reconstructing treatments may be advised until the condition of your hair improves.

Appointments & Pricing

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes. Hair costs for all extension methods must be covered in full to secure your appointment. This can be paid during your consultation, or over the phone.
How much does it cost?
Prices are by quotation only at the consultation. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a quotation prior to a consultation as our extensions are tailored to the individual needs of our clients in terms of coverage required, chosen hair type, length and colour. Please see our hair extensions price guide (on the Price page) for further details. Please note that this is intended as a guide only.
Can I have a consultation and have hair extensions applied on the same day?
Unfortunately not. After your consultation, we order your hair specifically to your requirements, and this usually takes a couple of days.
Do I need to have a consultation?
Yes. A consultation is always required before applying hair extensions to discuss your personal requirements and to assess your hair’s suitability for our extensions.

Extension Hair

Is it possible to provide my own hair?
No. We only use our own hair, as we cannot guarantee the quality of the hair for you if you were to provide it yourself.
Can you reuse the hair?
Yes. Due to the premium quality of our hair, it can be reused for multiple applications, which lowers the cost for subsequent reapplications since you do not need to keep paying for new hair. Some people prefer to have new hair each time, but this simply comes down to personal preference.

Please note that when reusing all the same hair (Micro bonds)you may lose up one inch off the length of your hair extensions, as the original bond will be trimmed from the top of each extension in order to create a new one. However, a small amount of extra hair can be applied underneath in order to keep the same length.
What is cuticle correct hair?
Cuticle correct hair, also referred to as ‘cuticle aligned’, ‘root to point correct’ or ‘remi/remy’ hair refers to human hair that has its cuticle intact and each strand of hair is aligned in the same direction from root to tip. When applying real hair extensions it is vital that the hair is applied in the direction that it was naturally grown. If the hair is all mixed up or applied upside-down, the cuticle scales will catch on each other and cause the hair to tangle constantly. Consequently, correct alignment is essential when applying human hair extensions.
How is the hair collected?
Our suppliers only select the best quality, healthy human hair. All our hair is sourced ethically and financial payment is made to the hair donor. The hair is drawn into a ponytail, tied and cut. This ensures that all the hairs are aligned in the same direction (cuticle correct).
What is double drawn and single drawn hair?
Double drawn hair means that each bundle of hair contains only hairs of the same length, and all the shorter hairs have been removed. For example, a bundle of 16 inch double drawn hair would contain only hairs which are 16 inches in length. This means that once the extensions have been applied the hair will be as thick and full right the way from root to tip. Single drawn hair only has the very shortest hairs removed, but still contains hairs of different lengths in each bundle. A bundle of 16 inch single drawn hair would contain hairs of 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch hair. Therefore, single drawn hair tends to taper and appear straggly towards the ends of the hair.
What types of hair do you use?
We only use the finest quality, hand-picked and unprocessed Virgin Russian, Coloured Russian and European double drawn natural human hair extensions.

Hair Safety

Will my new hair feel strange, uncomfortable or heavy?
If you have never had hair extensions before, initially they may feel a little strange but you will be surprised how quickly you will get used to them. Through the course of wearing your hair extensions they should feel extremely comfortable, so much so that you should barely feel aware of them. They should feel really natural, just as though they are your very own hair. They should not feel too heavy, as we never overload your own hair with too much weight.
Will my hair own hair continue growing naturally?
Yes. Each hair extension is applied approximately 1cm away from the scalp rather than being attached directly to the root. This allows the hair extensions to lie completely flat to the head with equal weight on every strand of hair, which ensures that your hair will continue to grow without any disruption.
Do hair extensions damage your hair?
Despite what you may hear, professional hair extensions should NEVER damage your hair, so long as they are applied correctly and professionally by an experienced and qualified technician.

Hair extensions have been the subject of a great deal of negative press and have developed a poor reputation due to the many people who apply extensions without any quality training or experience, or by using a poor quality application technique.

The industry has become saturated with unqualified and inexperienced people setting up business as a hair extension artist, many of which are not even trained hairdressers. This is why you see so many people wearing unsightly looking sets of hair extensions and why it is so important to research into hair extensions beforehand. Many women even apply their extensions themselves, inevitably resulting in damaging their own hair.

Our hair extensions are very safe, and providing that the correct care is taken of them they will not damage your own hair. Similarly, the removal procedure will not cause any damage to the natural hair, leaving it just as it was before they were applied. In fact, many clients find that their hair is in even better condition after wearing hair extensions, as the extra hair acts as a barrier, protecting your own hair from heated styling equipment and other external factors.
Why are 'Micro bonds' the safest method of applying hair extensions?
Our technique has been highly developed and perfected to the utmost professional standard. There are a number of factors that are important in terms of hair safety:

- Our extensions are applied 1cm from the root to ensure they lie completely flat to the head, allowing your hair to continue growing without any disruption.

- Small neat sections of your own hair are taken to attach the extension to, preventing tension spots on the scalp and snagging on the hair.

- Our bonding material is completely safe and proven to be non-damaging. Some hair extension systems use a bonding material which is so strong that it is extremely difficult to remove without causing stress or damage to your own hair. Our bonds are very durable but yet easily removed.

- Each hair extension is very light weight and are equally balanced with your natural hair, ensuring that your hair is not overloaded with too much weight.

- Because there are many fine, individual extensions applied, the overall weight is distributed evenly over the head. They will not feel heavy, but in fact are extremely comfortable to wear.

- The individual strands create a completely free-flowing hairstyle – just like your natural hair. This enables your scalp to be able to ‘breath’, and will not restrict the natural movement of your own hair.

Removal & Reapplication

How long do your hair extensions last?
Our Micro bond, Micro and nano ring hair extensions can be worn for 3 months, provided that the home care guidelines have been followed correctly. After this period they will need to be reapplied. If you wish, you may have your hair extensions removed and reapplied on the same day. Tape extensions last between 6-10 weeks and weaves up to 10 weeks.
Why is it important to have the hair extensions reapplied after 3 months?
Hair extensions should not be worn for longer than 3 months before being reaaplied. Due to your hair’s natural life cycle it is normal to loose up to 100 hairs a day as part of this natural process. Shed hair normally comes out in your brush or in the shower, but when wearing hair extensions the shed hair will remain trapped within the hair extension bond, and over time it will start to build up at the roots. This can cause matting at the root area if the hair extensions are worn for too long. Also, as your natural hair continues to shed, the hair extensions will be secured by fewer strands of your real hair, producing an imbalance of weight and subsequently causing excessive strain on the natural hair if the extensions are kept in longer than 3 months. Therefore, if you leave it too long before having your extensions reapplied, you run the risk of damaging your own hair.

Additionally, from a more aesthetic point of view, since hair extensions grow with your own hair, after 3 months the bonds will have grown down significantly, and can become visible and may also start to get caught during brushing and styling.
Why does it appear like my hair is coming out when my hair extensions are removed??
When wearing hair extensions, your hair will shed in exactly the same way as it does when you’re not wearing them. It is normal to shed up 100 hairs per day. The only difference is that because your hair is held together with the extensions, the shed hair that would normally come out in your brush or in the shower will remain trapped within the extension seal – i.e. it will shed from your scalp but not from the extension. Over time this hair will start build up at the root area.

When the extensions are removed, the shed hair is combed out and it appears as though a lot of hair is coming out all at once. Based on shedding 50 hairs per day, 4500 hairs will have shed naturally from your scalp, after wearing extensions for 3 months. This may sound like a lot, but your hair is constantly replacing itself and on average we have 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on our head. There is no need to be concerned that your hair is falling out during the removal process, as this is simply the naturally shed hair being released.
How are the hair extensions removed?
Micro bond hair extensions are removed by firstly breaking down the bond by applying a drop of removal solution. The bond is then gently crushed with pliers, causing it to crumble. The hair extension then simply slides out, leaving a powdery residue from the bond which is finally combed out of the hair.

Micro and nano rings are removed by gently squeezing the ring with pliers, the hair extension will slide out ready to be reused.

Tapes are removed by using an alcohol or oil based removal solution, the adhesive will break down causing the tape to slide from the hair

Weaves are removed by cutting the thread holding the weft in place and removing the micro rings with pliers.
Can I remove the hair extensions myself?
Although it is possible to remove your hair extensions yourslef, we strongly recommend that you return to the salon for this service to ensure that they are removed safely without causing any damage to your own hair. If you wish to reuse the hair extensions for Micro bonds, they need to be taken out very carefully in order to keep all the hair aligned in the same direction.
Should I give my hair a rest between hair extension applications?
Our professional hair extensions are extremely safe and will not damage your natural hair providing that they are cared for correctly. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable to wear our hair extensions without a break between applications. Most people prefer to have their hair extensions removed and reapplied on the same day.

Home Care & Maintenance

Are maintenance appointments required?
A maintenance appointment may be required between reapplications depending on how well your extensions have been looked after and your natural hair type. During maintenance appointments we will reapply any extensions that may have slid out, and replace any loose bonds. We can also apply a ‘top up’ of hair extensions, to fill out any areas if needed. Some clients find that they don’t need to book in for any maintenance appointments, and others like to book in for an hour or two.
Can I still wash my hair?
Yes. In fact it is essential to wash your hair and keep it clean. You should wash your hair as often as you would do normally to prevent it from becoming oily. A build up of natural scalp oils and dirt can cause Micro bonds to soften. We recommend using a deep cleansing shampoo.
Why does it appear like my hair is coming out when my hair extensions are removed??
You must wash your hair with a clarifying, purifying or deep cleansing shampoo. You should use a good quality conditioner, and a soft bristle hair extension brush that allows you to brush over the bonds safely without pulling on them.
Am I able to use hair dryers and hair straighteners?
Absolutely. Since our hair extensions are applied using the finest quality natural human hair, it is safe to use hair dryers, hair straighteners and other styling appliances. Your hair extensions will react in the same way as your natural hair.
What happens if any extensions come loose?
Don’t panic if you happen to lose a hair extension from time to time. Losing a few extensions will not alter the shape or style of your hair. By following the home care guidelines this will be kept to a minimum. Some clients lose more hair extensions than others depending on their natural hair type. Hold on to any extensions that fall out, and bring them to your maintenance appointments so that they can be reapplied for you.
Will any shedding occur with the hair extensions?
It is normal to experience a small amount of shedding from the hair extensions. Provided that you take the correct care of them you should experience only very little shedding if any at all. If your extensions are shedding excessively, this is an indication that some part or parts of the home care guidelines have not been followed correctly, and you should contact the boutique for advice.
What about when I go on holiday?
When on holiday, you should follow the home care guidelines as you would do normally, taking particular care of your hair extensions by washing them regularly and keeping your hair out of the water as much as possible.
Can I use saunas and stream rooms?
It is not advisable to use the steam room or sauna whilst wearing hair extensions because the excessive moisture and extreme heat can cause the bonds to soften and become loose.
Is it ok to exercise and swim?
Of course! Simply wash your hair after exercising to keep it clean. With Swimming you should tie your hair up and avoid getting your hair wet where possible, as excessive dampness causes the bonds to soften. You should wash and dry your hair extensions immediately after swimming.
Can I dye my hair extensions?
We advise you not to dye your hair extensions because some of the hair is pre-dyed and therefore you cannot guarantee the outcome of the colour. Also because hair extensions are denser than natural hair, colouring over them can turn out looking patchy. The hair extensions are colour matched precisely to your own hair colour during the consultation. If you wish to change the colour of your hair, we recommend that you have this done prior to the fitting and consultation in order for your hair to be colour matched correctly.
Can I still have my roots coloured whilst wearing hair extensions?
Yes. You can continue to have your roots retouched whilst wearing hair extensions. Your colour technician simply needs to work around the joins of the extensions, taking care not to colour over the bonds or the extensions.
Can I leave my hair to dry naturally?
While it is fine to leave the hair to dry naturally, you must always dry the bonds thoroughly immediately after washing using a hairdryer while keeping the temperature fairly cool. If the bonds are consistently left damp they will start to soften and become loose. Never sleep with wet hair.