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Hair Integration Systems

Siren & Sass is now offering hair integration systems which boosts confidence and changes clients lives.

If you suffer from Alopecia Arteata, Female Pattern Baldness, Trichotillomania, hair loss due to pregnancy or stress or your hair is growing back from chemotherapy, this system could be perfect for you. We understand how upsetting and distressing hair loss can be and we are passionate about bringing back that lease of life that hair loss can sometimes takeaway.

What is a Hair Integration System?

A Hair Integration System is not a wig, it's a permanent system that is worn every day.

The system is built up on the scalp using a fine membrane mesh which has holes to enable the scalp to breath. This ensures that should the hair start to regrow the scalp has air going to it. Human hair is then added to this membrane to provide full or partial coverage of hair depending on the desired look. The system provides instant gratification for ladies with hair loss and can be maintained just as you would your own hair.

The process

We start with an in depth consultation, either at our private home salon or in the comfort of your own home.

our consultation allows us discuss your personal hair journey (including your medical history and personal genetics) to see how best we can help to make your daily life a little bit easier. During the consultation, we’ll establish what you are looking to achieve (such as hair length and thickness) and consider other factors such as your face shape and regular lifestyle. This information will allow us to determine if our hair loss integration system is the best option for you and your hair goals.


How is the system applied?

The system is applied by firstly creating a foundation for your new hair using a soft breathable mesh fabric and this acts as your new scalp. We then gently draw your natural hair through the mesh using a crochet tool. Next, we will then secure the mesh down tightly to your head using tiny undetectable silicone lined micro rings, the rings are then clamped downwards to secure the mesh firmly in place. We then attach the weft hair and hair topper to the mesh using a sewing technique. Then finally, once all is sewn on we then cut and finish the hair to your desired style and look. 

How long does the system last?

The system will last up to 12 months and can last up to 18 months depending on the type of hair used. For instance Russian hair will last longer than Indian or Chinese hair.

How do I wash the system?

We will give you an aftercare sheet on the day of your fitting appointment. The main thing is to not vigorously rub the system and always wash it in the shower. We recommend to use sulphate free shampoo and a moisturising conditioner.

What is the mesh that is used?

The mesh used acts as a second skin and is a hypoallergenic net which contains holes to help the scalp breath. Its a strong lace specifically used for hair loss.

What hair can I have for my system?

You can use any remy (cuticle correct) hair for the system such as Indian, Chinese, Russian, Brazilian or European.  We will discuss which hair will be most suited for you and your budget.

How often do I need to come for a maintenance?

Maintenance is due every 8-12 weeks. Your hair will grow under the system and it will need re-tightening. This will give me the chance to look at the system and check everything is still intact – I can also answer any queries or concerns you may have. The system will be taken off and your hair will be deeply conditioned and your scalp thoroughly cleansed. New hair will be pulled through the mesh and secured in place with new micro rings.

Can I go to the gym and swim?

Yes you can do all the activities that you would normally do. The system is designed to be just like your own hair.

What happens to my hair under the system?

Your hair should grow healthily underneath the system, hence the reason why you will need to have maintenance. The only way growth will not take place is if the follicles are dormant. The mesh has holes to allow for ventilation so air can get to your scalp. Your hair underneath the system will not be combed so some tangling may occur, this is from your naturally shed hair which has become trapped under the system. This is nothing to worry about and is a natural part of the process of wearing a hair system.

Will my hair topper last for 12 months?

A hair topper is a hair piece that is usually made of lace or silk which has individual hair strands attached to give a natural looking parting. This hair piece is placed at the front of your system.
Most hair toppers last between 3-6 months. This depends on the wear and tear and how well you look after your system.

What are the associated costs?

The costs of the system will differ depending on what hair you choose. This includes the length, colour and amount of hair needed. All costs will be explained during the consultation. A maintenance will be needed every 12 weeks and this is charged at £150.

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