Hair Extension Removal


Removing hair extensions yourself is not advisable. We recommend that you return to the salon/ wait for your mobile appointment, so that we can remove your hair extensions correctly and safely, to ensure no damage is caused to your own hair.
Removing hair extensions is a very simple procedure, which causes no discomfort or damage to the natural hair, leaving it exactly as it was before they were fitted. Many people find their hair is actually in better condition because the hair extensions offer some protection to the natural hair against heat and environmental damage.

The reapplication appointment consists of initially removing the hair extensions, then your own hair is washed, trimmed (to prevent split ends forming) and blow dried, and finally your hair extensions are reapplied, cut, blended and styled. Many of our clients also like to take advantage of our colouring service. An ideal time to have your colour retouched is between removal and reapplication.

Micro Bonds Removal

Some hair extension bonding adhesives are so strong that they are extremely difficult to remove without causing stress or damage to the natural hair. Our bonding resin is very durable yet gentle on the hair and easily removed. Our hair extensions are removed by applying a small amount of removal solution to the bond, which breaks down the seal and the hair extension then simply slides out. Any remaining residue from the bond and the naturally shed hair is then combed out.

Micro and Nano Rings Removal

These are quick and easy to remove, the small copper ring attaching your hair extension is pinched the other way and gently slides out of the hair.

Beauty Works Weave Removal

We carefully cut the thread which is attaches the weft to the micro rings and all hair is removed row by row. Shed hair will be brushed out then your weft extensions will be ready to be refitted using the same hair but with a new rings.

Tape Removal

Tape hair extensions are easily removed with an alcohol or oil based solution. The adhesive tape will break down and loose its stick, causing the extensions to easily slide from the hair. The tape will then be washed and re-taped ready for your application.

Hair Extension Application


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