Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are becoming extremely popular due to the quick and easy application. They lie almost completely flat to the head creating a lightweight and comfortable style.

What are Tape Hair Extensions?

Tapes are a great way to add volume and length to your natural hair. They work by “sandwiching” a layer of your natural hair between the tapes, which have their own layers of real hair attached. The hair can be reused for multiple applications making this method extremely cost effective.

Are Tape Hair Extensions for me?

Tapes are becoming one of the most popular and frequently requested options at Siren & Sass. They’re one of the most cost effective and quickest hair extension methods available, with a complete full head application taking as little as an hour.

As long as your hair is thick enough to hide the tapes almost anyone can use this method of hair extension. They use a transparent polyurethane adhesive tape which is incredibly durable and can handle a lot of day-to-day styling without the adhesive weakening over time. Non sulphate shampoos must be used as sulphates can weaken the tape bond causing them to slide from the hair. Conditioner and styling products (such as serums and oils) must kept away from the tape but can be used on the hair.

They grow alongside the hair in individual sections that can last up to 10 weeks for medium to thick hair types. For fine hair we recommend a maintenance every 4-6 weeks and would suggest alternative extension applications. Beauty Works hair, with correct aftercare, should last up to a year and our premium European tapes can last up to 3 years.

– Quick application with a full head taking up to an hour
– Easy to look after and maintain (be gentle when washing)
– Gives plenty of volume and length
– Comfortable to wear and natural looking
– Can last up to 10 weeks on certain hair types
– Can mix and match hair colours to create the perfect match
– Hair can be reused multiple times making this extension method cost effective

– Not suitable for clients who have fine hair unless having a maintenance every 4 weeks
– If you have an oily scalp tapes can slide out of the hair
-Oily styling products and shampoos are not to be used
– You cant wash your hair or exercise 48 hours after application (allows tapes to bond properly)
– Removals take time as tapes need to be re-taped and washed
– Not suitable if you like to wear your hair up a lot
– First appointment can be expensive as you need to buy all the hair

My client wears 5 packs of Beauty Works tapes in shade Raven for maximum volume.

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